The GymAware Cloud brings everything together.

Analyse, track and monitor multiple athletes and rosters.

GymAware Cloud

With a GymAware Cloud account, you can view your results, access Leaderboards, set up rosters and export data all via a secure web-based account. Data transfer automatically occurs (via WiFi) between all stations logged into the same GymAware Cloud account.

GymAware Cloud

GymAware Cloud builds upon the basic GymAware system by:

  • Enabling Leaderboard functionality; key to creating increased intent during a session
  • Automatically sharing results and settings between all iOS devices logged in
  • Enabling unlimited rosters and athletes to be registered
  • Providing a way to conveniently monitor the performance of your athletes remotely using the GymAware Cloud dashboard.

The GymAware Cloud is designed to allow syncing across multiple systems and stations. This means that when using multiple GymAware systems all athlete/squad data including results, presets and the important leaderboard results are automatically and wirelessly synced across stations.

Use of the GymAware Cloud will provide a long-term perspective on your rosters and athlete's performance.

To get started purchase GymAware Cloud from our shop. We will configure your account and email you the login details which you can then enter into the Cloud login section on the App.

$475 Ex GST/year

GymAware Cloud