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Next Generation App Tutorial

Use the PowerPoint or PDF version of the tutorial to help you get familiar with the new iOS iPad App

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Fact Sheets

Find out about GymAware PowerTool, validity, calibration, sample rates and methods, angle measurement and more. Click Here.

GymAware Tips and Tutorials

Read these articles to see how the PowerTool can be used to get the most out of your athletes.

GymAware PowerTool - Battery

Flat Battery Symptoms

When a unit is not used for an extended period the battery will slowly be depleted to the point that it will not be able to start the PowerTool.

When a charger is then connected, the yellow charge LED will illuminate to indicate that charging has begun.

At this point the PowerTool will show it is starting by flashing the red and green LEDs once, illuminating the yellow LED next to them and by beeping once.

If the battery voltage is too low, the PowerTool will then turn off. However, during charging, the voltage will rise again and the PowerTool will turn back on. To the user this will appear as the erratic behaviour of beeping repeatedly while the yellow LED is on and the red and green LED's flash. This is not a fault. The charger should remain connected until the PowerTool turns on and remains on, in which case the erratic behaviour will cease. This should only take a few minutes.

If the battery was so severely depleted that it has switched itself off internally, the charger in the latest PowerTools is capable of turning the battery back on, but it may take up to 43 minutes to do so. If after that time the charge LED has turned off and the PowerTool hasn't started, disconnect the charger and reconnect to make a second attempt. If it has not been able to turn on the battery after the second attempt, the battery will need to be replaced.

If the PowerTool is to be put aside for an extended period, it should be put on charge for 30 minutes every six months to alleviate this annoying behaviour.

Bluetooth Connection Guide

How to pair with your iOS device

You need to do this first

Connecting after pairing

How to connect during day to day use

Connection Troubleshooting

What to do when you are having trouble connecting

Reset your PowerTool

If it locks up or you accidentally connect to the wrong device

Reboot your iOS device

If you cant see your PowerTool in the Bluetooth Settings

How to forget your PowerTool bluetooth device

If you cant connect in a the normal way you may need to 'forget' it first

How to update the firmware on your PowerTool

Technical Support

PowerTool 5 Specifications - Detailed accuracy and technical specifications

Angle of lift - How it works

Reliability and validity - Research study

What PowerTool Version Do I have

Check out which PowerTool you have

PowerTool Quick Start Guide - The quick start and trouble shooting card supplied with your PowerTool can be downloaded for reprinting here.

Maintenance and Service Videos

How to set Bluetooth Timeout on your GymAware PowerTool

If you are using GymAware to test large groups of athletes you can increase this time out so that the PowerTool stays connected to your iOS device in between athletes.

How to hard reset your GymAware PowerTool

Sometimes you may need or want to reset your PowerTool. For example, the device becomes unresponsive with the LEDs on, OR you have accidently auto-connected to the wrong iOS device and want a quick disconnect.

How to attach the PowerTool mounting bracket to the unit

Use this bracket to machine mount or roof mount your PowerTool in a permanent location.
Note you need metric M4 screws for this – they are supplied with the bracket.

Replacing the Velcro Strap on your GymAware unit

When your velcro strap wears out, follow these simple instructions to replace it.

Changing the battery in your GymAware PowerTool

How to replace the rechargeable battery in your PowerTool. Note. Use only PCM protected LiPo batteries suppled by Kinetic or your Kinetic distributor. Incorrect batteries may explode.

Adjusting tether tension on your GymAware PowerTool

If your tether becomes too slack and fails to return to the unit, follow these instructions to re-tension the tether.

Repairs and Returns

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