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GymAware online support

For all trouble shooting, maintenance and support requests go to the online help for the GymAware PowerTool

Single GymAware Kit

GymAware User Guide

Repairs and Returns

Next Generation App Tutorial

Use the PowerPoint or PDF version of the tutorial to help you get familiar with the new iOS iPad App

You can also register here for a free GymAware NextGen App training delivered via Skype: Register now

Fact Sheets

Find out about GymAware PowerTool, validity, calibration, sample rates and methods, angle measurement and more. Click Here.

Repairs and Returns

If you are located within the US, and wishing to return a unit (demo unit or under warranty) please use the Varisport Shipping label - instuctions can be downloaded here.

For all REPAIRS (including US repairs) and returns from other countries, please use the Kinetic SHIPPING label. You can print the attached Proforma invoice to send with your goods which will speed up the Australian Customs process. Make sure you indicate the value at $50 per GymAware PowerTool.

There is no need to include the GymAware hard case; just wrap the PowerTool well with bubble wrap.

For any further assistance please contact us direct at

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