LIFT YOUR GAME with GymAware

GymAware is the leading tool to measure performance in the weights room.

Designed by Australian sporting experts, produced in Australia and used by elite sporting teams and institutions internationally.

GymAware makes it easy to measure progress, motivate athletes and train for performance. The GymAware PowerTool connects via Bluetooth to your iPhone, iPad or iTouch. There is no complicated setup, no calibration, no stress. With GymAware, you get the information you need to get results with your athletes.

GA GymAware

The GymAware PowerTool is a LPT (Linear Position Transducer) designed specifically for measuring performance in athletes.

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GymAware features include:

  • Made for iOS - The GymAware PowerTool partners with any Apple iOS device to give you an unparallelled user experience.
  • Measures power, velocity and a range of other parameters.
  • Provides instant feedback for maximum motivation.
  • Use the in-built video cameras on your iOS device for giving feedback on lift technique.
  • Versitile and easy to use - GymAware can be used for body-weight exercises like squat jumps or connected to any pin-loaded machine or weights bar.
  • Accurate - measures angle of lift, allowing the device to be placed out of the athletes way. Additionally GymAware can be roof mounted for complete freedom.
  • Portable - The GymAware PowerTool is easy to set up and light, weighing in at 900gms. Making it the preferred tool for quick tests and travelling teams.

Make informed training decisions with GymAware.

Professional sports teams, leading sports institutes, academies and Universities across the world currently benefit from using GymAware. It is widely adopted across Australia as well as internationally with teams and institutes in New Zealand, Canada, China, Japan, Europe, United Emirates, the US, and the UK all measuring power with GymAware.

Global locations of GymAware units.

What makes the PowerTool so special?

Yes it is accurate, reliable and versatile. It's also wireless, portable and built by engineers. But that's not it.

The thing that makes the PowerTool so unique is ease of use. The PowerTool is a fusion of cutting edge sports technology and a state of the art Apple iOS user interface. Apple are leaders in design for usability and GymAware makes full use of this with apps available for iPhone, iPad and iTouch.

madeforapple The PowerTool has been approved under Apple's stringent MFi program. This a rigorous certification process that ensures that any accessory that connects to an iOS device, conforms to Apple's usability and interface specification.

What this means to sports professionals, is guaranteed ease of use, which "works as advertised" on any iOS device.

GymAware and PowerTool have a long track record in elite sport. The recent fusion of PowerTool and iOS devices opens up new opportunities for sports professionals at all levels of sport. You no longer need a sports science degree to get the benefits of power monitoring. Entry level systems are affordable for teams, clubs and schools at all levels, and the on-line versions offer data and athlete management needed by professional teams and personal trainers specialising in high performance.

Contact us to find out more about how the PowerTool/iOS device combination can boost your effectiveness as a sports professional.