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GymAware is the leading tool to measure performance in the weights room.

GA GymAware

Designed by Australian sporting experts, produced in Australia and used by elite sporting teams and institutions internationally. GymAware offers scientifically-validated and actionable metrics that will help improve your training.

GymAware has the worlds largest repository of strength related data. To date there are well over 5.5 million individual reps on our secure database collected. GymAware has been validated by the Australian Institute of Sport and is extensively used in research papers worldwide.

The GymAware PowerTool is a LPT (Linear Position Transducer) designed specifically for measuring performance in athletes.

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GymAware Sensor

Accurate and reliable

An honest team player

GymAware is designed for accuracy.

GymAware was designed and built by engineers with over 20 years experience in developing sports technology for elite sport. It has been designed from the ground up as a tool for measuring performance in the gym.

GymAware has been extensively and independently validated. Key accuracy features are:

The GymAware PowerTool records at 50 times a second and there are over 270 pre-defined exercises.


Flexible and up to date

GymAware fits the latest trends

GymAware will talk to you.

GymAware is very easy to use and it also keys in to the whole Apple ecosystem.

  • Bluetooth connection allows the user to move freely through the gym environment without any annoying cables.
  • Big screen display using AirPlay. Use any 3G WiFi data connection to display results 'live' on the leaderboard from unlimited PowerTools anywhere in the world.
  • Video capture and video composite. The in-built video camera captures athletes movements and overlays data instantly giving immediate feedback to the athlete.
  • Software updates through the App store.

GymAware makes it easy to measure progress, motivate athletes and train for performance. The GymAware PowerTool connects via Bluetooth to your iPad. There is no complicated setup, no calibration, no stress. With GymAware, you get the information you need to get results with your athletes.


Our vision, your expertise

Realtime video capture

Use the in-built video camera on your iOS device for giving feedback on lift technique.

GymAware is the first performance tool for strength and conditioning coaches to incorporate integrated video feedback. Combining video capture with GymAware data recording.

  • Capture and review lifts while overlaying rep by rep GymAware data.
  • Display a customisable grid to help in correcting lift technique.
  • Review in slow motion or frame by frame.
  • Save rendered videos with grid and data overlay.
  • Save videos to YouTube with custom privacy settings (so you can easily share with athletes) or to your photo album.

Check out an example here

GymAware live recording sets.

Educate, inspire, achieve

Feedback is king

Get the smarts with GymAware

Lets face it, the gym can be a bit boring for today’s athlete. The modern generation is often characterised by a need for instant gratification and constant feedback. They are also very tech savvy and quick to respond to new technologies.

As a GymAware performance professional you can give your athletes real-time feedback on power, velocity and technique while they train. Feedback that breaks the day to day monotony and creates a competitive environment that has athletes begging for more!

You will be able to fine tune your program without the guess work.
Set individualised performance targets, then reward the athletes when they achieve them with instant audio and visual feedback.

GymAware makes it easy to measure progress, motivate athletes and train for performance.

"I have been using GymAware for over 5 years and I continue to witness the benefits immediate quantitative feedback in the physical preparation environment provides to athlete motivation and performance"

Warren Andrews – Strength & Conditioning Coach – WA Cricket

GymAware Leaderboard

Big screen display

Motivate with the leaderboard

Using Wi-Fi, data is automatically sync’d and a ranking displayed.

Nothing beats direct measurement of key performance indicators such as Power, Speed, and Jump Height to get the best out of your athletes. Next publish the results on a big screen and you got the best motivational tool there is.

With GymAware, there are 2 core methods for utilising the big screen.

Option 1:
In combination with GymAware Online/Pro display a real time leaderboard and automatically sync sets via the WiFi network.

Option 2:
Connect an Apple TV unit to a HDMI compatible TV. The bigger the better! Use AirPlay over WIFI, mirror the output of the iPad screen onto the big screen TV.

"The GymAware is a key motivational and development tool for our players in the weights room. Combined with the expertise and outstanding service from Kinetic, it has been an enormous advantage for us over many years. I highly recommend GymAware and the team at Kinetic."

Brendyn Appleby – Strength & Conditioning Coach, RugbyWA

Data visualisation

Meaningful data visualisation

Set ranges and targets

Report to athletes, coaches and management.

With GymAware Cloud you can:

  • Access a range of automated summary reports for immediate analysis through
  • View direct on the iOS device, online or save and print as PDFs.

For sports professionals who want instant analysis so they can make immediate decisions.

1 kit

Do more carry less

Portable and versatile

Great for quick tests and travelling teams

GymAware is so simple, portable and easy to use that athletes can monitor their own training without taking up your time.

The PowerTool unit weighs in at 900gms and has a 12hr continuous use rechargeable battery life.

Available in a 4 or 8 kit travel case complete with inbuilt USB charging station. This allows you to simultaneously charge all the PowerTools and iPads in one place.

"The interface to iPhone and iPad makes it simple, quick and highly portable- EIS have found it perfect for quick tests and travelling teams."

Ralph Brandon – Lead Strength & Conditioning Coach, English Institute of Sport.


Your key metrics in one place

Collect results, set and adjust training targets.

GymAware is based on meeting the needs of strength coaches and performance staff.

On-line data management packages are available with GymAware Cloud. Upload all results into "the cloud" for backup, reporting and analysis.

  • Sync athlete’s results to online storage for later export and analysis with tools like Excel.
  • View historical performances, export results and set individual performance targets.
  • GymAware Cloud is optimised for tracking multiple athletes. Organise athletes into as many squads as needed to get the work done, then target data entry based on squads.
  • Keep multiple devices “in-sync” – collect results and body weights at multiple stations, then sync to all devices.
  • Results accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.

GymAware features include:

  • Unparallelled user experience.
  • Measures power, velocity and a range of other parameters.
  • Provides instant feedback for maximum motivation.
  • Use the in-built video cameras on your iOS device for giving feedback on lift technique.
  • Versatile and easy to use - GymAware can be used for body-weight exercises like squat jumps or connected to any pin-loaded machine or weights bar.
  • Accurate - measures angle of lift, allowing the device to be placed out of the athletes way. Additionally GymAware can be roof mounted for complete freedom.
  • Portable - The GymAware PowerTool is easy to set up and light, weighing in at 900gms. Making it the preferred tool for quick tests and travelling teams.

Make informed training decisions with GymAware.

Professional sports teams, leading sports institutes, academies and Universities across the world currently benefit from using GymAware. It is widely adopted across Australia as well as internationally with teams and institutes in New Zealand, Canada, China, Japan, Europe, United Emirates, the US, and the UK all measuring power with GymAware.

Global locations of GymAware units.

What makes the PowerTool so special?

Yes it is accurate, reliable and versatile. It's also wireless, portable and built by engineers. But that's not it.

The thing that makes the PowerTool so unique is ease of use. The PowerTool is a fusion of cutting edge sports technology and a state of the art Apple iOS user interface. Apple are leaders in design for usability and GymAware makes full use of this with apps available for iPad.

What this means to sports professionals, is guaranteed ease of use, which "works as advertised" on any iOS device.

GymAware and PowerTool have a long track record in elite sport. The recent fusion of PowerTool and iOS devices opens up new opportunities for sports professionals at all levels of sport. You no longer need a sports science degree to get the benefits of power monitoring. Entry level systems are affordable for teams, clubs and schools at all levels, and the on-line versions offer data and athlete management needed by professional teams and personal trainers specialising in high performance.

Contact us to find out more about how the PowerTool/iOS device combination can boost your effectiveness as a sports professional.