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Kinetic has a growing international reseller network. If you are interested in distributing GymAware in your country then please use the form on the right, include details of your background and your market/network. We provide our resellers with a unique Distributor/Reseller Portal to manage their clients, competitive discounts and plenty of training and marketing materials.

If you are a sports professional and would like to be involved with promotion of GymAware, contact us.

If your country is not listed here then you can contact us directly and we will ship to you. The Kinetic Performance team strives to deliver world-leading sports technology solutions and knowledge.

United Kingdom

Perform Better are the distributors for GymAware in the United Kingdom.

Perform Better: UK

Perform Better is the UK’s most innovative supplier of Performance Training and Monitoring equipment specialising in meeting the needs of the Professional Sports market. Established by Mark Gladwin and Alastair Yule who have over 20 years experience working in the Performance Sport sector- Perform Better are committed to providing the latest and most cutting edge equipment from around the World.


ProCare are the distributors for GymAware in the Netherlands.


ProCare are the distributors for GymAware in the Netherlands.

Met de GymAware PowerTool kan eenvoudig de kracht en snelheid tijdens het gewichtheffen gemeten worden. Snel op te zetten en directe aflezing van de resultaten op een iPad. Kan zowel bij fitness oefeningen, zoals squat jumps ingezet worden als bevestigd worden aan een halter.

New Zealand

Industrial Athletic are the GymAware distributors for New Zealand

Industrial Athletic

Industrial Athletic is New Zealand’s premier manufacturer of strength & fitness equipment. Priding themselves on unparalleled customer service and a relentless pursuit for quality, they provide all the hardware you need to achieve your goals, from functional training, olympic and powerlifting, right through to specific equipment for CrossFit®.

United States

Sorinex works with hundreds of colleges and high schools, over 90% of the NFL, a slew of military bases, and some of the strongest folks ever to wrap their hands around a barbell.

Simplifaster are awesome!


SimpliFaster: Technology for athletic speed development.

South Africa

LifeMax - South Africa

LifeMax: South Africa

LifeMax (Pty) Ltd is a South African company established in 1997 which focusses on marketing specialized new technology products to professionals working in the sports, nutrition, health, fitness and medical markets.


Cress Sport France.

Cress Sport: France

Cabinet de Recherche et d'Expertise en Sport et Santé (C.R.E.S.S.)

GymAware est un petit appareil encodeur linéaire portable permettant de mesurer puissance musculaire. Il s'attache très simplement sur une barre de musculation ou sur une machine à charge guidée pour mesurer la production d'énergie produite pendant le mouvement.


S&C Corporation are the distributors for GymAware in Japan.

S & C Corporation

S & C Corporation provide you with all your sports performance analysis equipment needs and disseminate information about sports science measurement technology.


Matmarco are the distributors for GymAware in Poland.


Matmarco are the distributors for GymAware in Poland.

Towarzystwo Handlowe Matmarco Sp. z o.o., ul. Wał Miedzeszyński 168, 04-987, Warszawa


Yanding are distributors for GymAware in China.


Founded in 2007, Beijing Yanding Commerce & Trade Co., Ltd. plays a pioneering role in the industry, with businesses extended to athletics sports, medical treatment, tactical performance training, education and many other fields.



Sports and Fitness are the GymAware distributors for Finland

Sports and Fitness Company

GymAware on uusi tehonmittauslaitteisto valikoimassamme, joka on tarkoitettu voimantuoton kehityksen seurantaan. GymAware on australialaisen Kinetic Performance yrityksen tuote ja testilaitteisto on käytössä ympäri maailmaa urheiluseuroissa, valmentajilla ja yliopistotason urheilututkimuksessa. GymAware on Australian Institute of Sportsin validoima testilaite.

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