The GymAware Cloud brings everything together.

Technology is shaping the future of professional sport. The analysis of real-time data plays a large role in this.
GymAware Cloud

With a GymAware Cloud account, you can:

  • Analyse, track and review your results,
  • Access Velocity, Target and Leaderboards,
  • Set up multiple rosters and
  • Export data via a secure web-based Cloud account.

Data transfer automatically occurs (via WiFi) between all stations logged into the same GymAware Cloud account.

GymAware Cloud builds upon the basic GymAware system by:

  • Enabling Leaderboard functionality; key to creating increased intent during a session
  • Automatically sharing results and settings between all iOS devices logged in
  • Enabling unlimited rosters and athletes to be registered
  • Providing a way to conveniently monitor the performance of your athletes remotely using the GymAware Cloud dashboard.

$525 Ex GST/year

GymAware system Cloud