Reduce Injury


While some injuries are unavoidable, many are preventable.

Reduce the risk of preventable injuries by monitoring for fatigue. Use key indicators such as muscle soreness, mobility, sleep quality and motivation with automated regular performance monitoring to identify athletes at risk of injury or illness through over training. Its simple to set up and easy to use. Prevent just one injury and you will recoup the cost of Kinetic-athlete for the entire team.

Build Communication


Build the capability of your team by simplifying communication.

Get your coach, performance managers, physios, doctors and athletes all on the same page with centralised data and automated communication.

  • Instantly alert coaches to modified training requirements
  • Keep physios, coaches and managers in the loop for injury recovery.
  • Send feedback to athletes to keep them motivated

Integrate your Data


Integrate your performance measurements directly into your monitoring program.

Save hours of tedious work by integrating all your existing data with Kinetic-Athlete. Upload data directly from leading tools such as GymAware for complete integration and analysis. Then combine this data with subjective measures from the coach and athletes to automatically trigger alerts and flag any issues that need your attention.

Motivate your team


Motivate both your athletes and your performance team by giving them instant feedback and progress updates.

  • Make life easier with simple powerful tools that are fun to use.
  • Your team will work harder, and perform better with Kinetic-Athlete.

Keep connected


Kinetic-Athlete is built on the internet to keep you connected to your team.

  • Access your data from anywhere by iPhone or web browser.
  • Manage remote athletes with ease.
  • Keep the full team together while travelling.

Promote Compliance


Ensure the success of your Athlete monitoring and management program by adopting a platform that is mobile, easy to use and above all provides instant benefits to all users.

  • Guarantee success – Give your users value from day one
  • Instant valuable feedback guarantees compliance
  • Instant value to the user = high compliance = success of your athlete monitoring program