Talent ID


Find the gems in your athlete talent ID program then watch them thrive.

So much talent slips through the net through simple bad luck and missed opportunity. Monitor your talent ID programs and camps to instantly identify the juniors with potential, then give them ongoing feedback and support to keep them motivated stay with you as they grow.

When they become your star players, use their early talent ID data to refine your search for new talent.

Manage for Performance


Manage the fine balance between peak athletic performance and overload with ease.

With so much data being generated for, and by each athlete, you need automated tools to manage, filter and report the daily information you need to keep your athletes performing. Keep your training programs, performance data, competition schedule, travel, illness, injury data for each athlete at your fingertips. Easy to enter, easy to find, automated and powerful.

Program Evaluation


Use Kinetic-Athlete to fine tune your entire performance program.

Use the Kinetic-Athlete database with its powerful longitudinal tracking, comparison and reporting tools to evaluate the effectiveness of your performance programs. But don’t stop there, identify areas of weakness then set up targeted monitoring programs to address these.

Automated Flags and Alerts


Imagine you could automatically combine all the data entered by coaches, athletes and staff and then have a system which analyses it all for you - while you sit down with your morning coffee. Flags and alerts – an extremely powerful tool to keep your best players on the field and performing at their best. All your athletes sorted into custom alert groups such as:

  • High fatigue
  • Poor mobility
  • High risk of injury/illness
  • Poor motivation

We will help you set these up and work with you to fine tune them.

Instant Reporting


Don’t wait for data to be analysed! Daily, weekly, monthly, pre-season, management, injury reports set up once and then produced and sent to you automatically – gives you time and the information you need to be effective.

Instant Feedback


Customisable, automated feedback to staff and athletes.

Timely, valuable information to fine tune your performance program. If your system cant do this then why are you collecting data in the first place?