KA coach

KA Coach - $2200/year

Account options include:

  • Default 5 Coach access
  • Coaches see all squads
  • Multiple squads
  • Athlete login as standard
  • Personalised branding on iOS device logins
  • Customisable forms (questionnaires) to monitor Athlete wellbeing
  • Basic flags (alerts) triggered from thresholds been exceeded
  • Training load via RPE
  • Comments tracking
  • Basic events - track and classify injuries and illnesses etc
  • email reports

KA pro

KA Pro - $4400/year

This account builds upon KA-Coach and adds a range of features providing a greater range of customisations along with expanded reporting, flags and configurable events.

KA-Pro is targeted towards professional clubs and programs where daily performance is paramount.

The account options include:

  • KA - Coach base option set
  • Advanced flags (flags can be tailored to individuals)
  • Calculation-based reporting
  • Full configuration and customisation of events
  • Access to Leaderboard functionality
  • Restricted coach access

Both levels of Kinetic-Athlete include free setup and a full-year free phone support.

All prices are quoted in $USD and are ex GST.

"Kinetic systems have the unique quality of being unusually effective and simple"
Dr. David Martin, Sports Scientist, Australian Institute of Sport