Kinetic-Athlete is powerful athlete monitoring.

Because Your Time is Valuable

"Kinetic systems have the unique quality of being unusually effective and simple" David Martin :  Sports Science Coordinator for Australian Cycling

Kinetic-Athlete is a monitoring tool for keeping on top of your athletes training load (RPE ), soreness, nutrition, motivation, performance tests (including power tests) and any other performance information.

When you become a Kinetic-Athlete equipped performance manager, you’ll have the tools to monitor 5 or 500 athletes in less time than it takes you to drink your morning coffee.

First you will save time on data collection because the mobile, networked iOS platform distributes this work to athletes and colleagues. Secondly you will save time by automation of all of the data analysis and flagging. And finally your reporting will be a simple matter of logging in to your iPad dashboard to view and send reports to those that need them.

Kinetic-Athlete is a mature athlete performance monitoring and management application that currently holds data on over 8000 active athletes from 140 organisations covering over 110 different sporting disciplines.

The success of Kinetic-Athlete is based on its ability to collect the right data in an athlete-friendly interface and then transform that data into relevant information and actionable insight for athletes, coaches and support staff.

Kinetic-Athlete has been continually developed since 2003 with an athlete performance first design philosophy. By focusing on performance outcomes, by giving value from day one to athletes and coaches, you can guarantee that your role as a performance manager will receive the recognition it deserves .

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iOS Apps

Athletes use either their iOS device or a web browser to enter information daily on health, soreness, motivation or any other customisable questions relating to their performance. They can use their own devices or you can pass around an iPad or iTouch, or iPhone. Importantly; player feedback, typically only takes a matter of seconds to complete.


  • Trigger alerts for when athletes log particular results
  • Create training programs in a spreadsheet or other software and then send directly to the athletes iOS device.
  • Communicate with an individual, group, team or your entire organisation
  • Use the automated flags feature to send email or dashboard alerts directly to members of your performance team via email, SMS or push notification
  • Easily extract reports and send securely
  • View data in real-time
  • Ensure accountability and transparency across all key stakeholders


The system is customisable to fit exactly with your sport and the way you work. All the setup is done by us, for you, so you can focus on your work.


Many users will want to ‘close the loop by’ integrating power testing into their athlete monitoring program. Kinetic-Athlete is 100% integrated with the GymAware PowerTool 5. Combine athlete monitoring with simple accurate power testing to put your performance program right on the cutting edge.