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Mladen Jovanovic - Head Physical Preparation Coach, Hammarby IF, Sweden

Power and Force, Velocity Profile

1RM Mladen GymAware

GymAware Pro Online users can estimate 1RM very simply by collecting results over a range of lift weights and then selecting this report.

In the figure right, the the Y axis is both mean Power in Watts and mean Force in Newtons, and the X axis is mean Velocity.

In this case an estimate of 1RM is calculate using a linear regression of the Force/Velocity data to the point where velocity = 0msec-1 . The result above of 154.78kg is converted from 1516.8N at x = 0 on the graph.

Mladen Jovanovic has written a great post where he tries this approach out on himself. He also covers the research behind the approach and offers some advice on the data collection protocol. It’s a must read for anyone interested in using lift velocity for estimation of 1RM.

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