Barry Horgan Strength and Conditioning Coach at Longford GAA.

Barry's experience ranges from grassroots to elite levels with organisations such as national governing bodies, professional and amateur sports clubs, sports colleges and private sports companies.

Before using Kinetic-Athlete what did you use?

I used custom-built Excel templates to gather the monitoring data. Athletes entered their monitoring data using a pen and paper method or via direct entry on my laptop.

What challenges did you face before using Kinetic-Athlete?

  • I was concerned that each player could see the scores of other players. I felt that players may have been influenced by the choice of those that preceded them as opposed to answering blindly via a mobile phone app, iPad or website.
  • Poor use of time.
  • The logistics of having to have my laptop or a printed off version in place for the start of each session added an additional challenge to the start of each session.
  • Ensuring full compliance from the players.

How did these challenges affect your job?

It led to a lot of manual calculations that needed to be done in order to calculate session RPE, training load, monotony, strain and weekly total training duration. Not to mention having to manually transfer all the data back to the Excel template when using the pen and paper method for data collection!

To constantly remind players to fill out their monitoring data. Players can now set individual reminders on their phone / diary’s to fill out their forms.

What made you decide to use Kinetic-Athlete? Did you try out any other solutions?

I decided to use Kinetic Athlete as it provided all the solutions to my requirements in a practical and affordable manner.

The quality of service provided by the staff at Kinetic Athlete is really high. They understand the sport science support requirements and are happy to custom-build the forms and questionnaires to suit my needs. I tried out other solutions and found Kinetic Athlete to offer the most comprehensive solution while also offering value for money.

What was your experience when switching and/or getting started with the Kinetic-Athlete?

There was a very easy start-up period in using Kinetic Athlete. Evan and Jason were both very helpful during this phase offering their advice via phone and email support. Overall, it was a very easy and quick transition. The software itself is very self-explanatory and thankfully didn't take long to get used to.

How has the Kinetic-Athlete helped yourself perform your role?

I can see how players are trending vs. individual scores vs. squad average over time (acute and chronic). This allows me to improve the communication between the playing group, coaches and sports medicine team outside of supervised group sessions. I can see when players are fresh and tending towards the peak of their recovery. I can correlate this subjective information with objective performance testing data using GymAware to look at their counter-movement jump scores. I can then use this information to push some individuals on a little bit, while also seeing when players are tending towards being low on energy and experiencing increased levels of fatigue and muscle soreness and backing them off if/where required. Kinetic Athlete also allows me to report objectively to the coaches and sports medicine staff in order to get the balance regarding the planned versus actual training loads, intensity and volume of our sessions. Being able to use Kinetic Athlete with GymAware power testing tool has also given me a competitive advantage in the monitoring of performance and recovery in team sports.

Kinetic Athlete has helped me perform my role to a much higher level.

I would recommend this product to any coaches looking to take the monitoring of their athletes and squads to a higher level. The players I coach at both Senior and underage representative levels in Gaelic games are all high performance amateur athletes. As a result, given the additional demands placed on these players from their 9-5pm working lives, education, commuting as well as other personal commitments all necessitate that an online monitoring tool such as Kinetic Athlete can help to improve the identification of any warning signals before they become a bigger issue such as illness, injury or reduced performance.

You can find out more about Barry Horgan here.

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