Jamie Youngson Kinetic-Athlete

Senior Strength and Conditioning Coach at the Australian Institute of Sport, Jamie Youngson has worked as a professional strength and conditioning coach for 9 years. During this time he has worked across many Olympic sports and also in professional Rugby in his native Scotland and here in Australia.

Jamie has used Kinetic-Athlete to monitor AIS Paralympic Swimmers and Kinetic's GymAware with AIS Rowers and Mogul Skiers. He has found that regular monitoring assists with athlete and coach education in relation to physical development. Kinetic-Athlete allows Jamie, as a coach to see how individual athletes respond to training and/or competition. Similarly, this information aids with planning, scheduling and the reviewing of training and competition, which is necessary for high performance sports programs to be successful.

“The use of Kinetic-Athlete allowed our program (Paralympic Swimming) to offset negative issues before they became critical to performance. Coaches and staff were able to share information and results more readily, which is essential for a fast moving industry, such as High Performance Sport.”

Before adopting Kinetic-Athlete, Jamie found that his ability to quickly log, process and report back to coaches, athletes and colleagues regarding wellness and wellbeing of athletes was difficult. His then present tool the “AIS Athlete Tracking System” slowed the process down, increased workload and data management.

Switching to Kinetic-Athlete was the best solution. The system is customisable and allows users to enter information through mobile devices, which allowed for efficient data entry means.

“This was important for staff and athlete compliance, thus increasing the reliability of the information gathered.”

Kinetic-Athlete is also developed by a Locally based company (Kinetic Performance, Canberra, AUS), where customer care is quick and; which turned out to be the case.

“… the ability to collect and share information increased the effectiveness of communication amongst staff and athletes. In turn, the decision-making capacity by staff improved, collectively and individually.”

Jamie also uses Kinetic Performace’s product GymAware which integrates its data into Kinetic-Athlete seamlessly. Here finds success in creating a competitive environment in the weights room. GymAware provides real-time feedback and motivation with the use of the Leaderboard and long-term tracking of performance.

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