John Mitchell Kinetic-Athlete

John Mitchell

National Sevens Strength and Conditioning Co-ordinator, Australian Rugby Union.

John Mitchell has 23 Years S&C experience across all major football codes and Olympic sports.

John Mitchell has over 23 Years S&C experience across all major football codes and Olympic sports.

John has made extensive use of both Kinetic-Athlete and the GymAware Systems.

Kinetic-Athlete is especially smooth and seamless. The ease of data collection for both athletes and coaches is what sets Kinetic-Athlete apart.

“I’ve used other systems and the best way to describe them is clunky and labour intensive. With the big systems you need to dedicate a full-time staff member just to continually manage everything.”

John feels that one of the best things with Kinetic-Athlete is that you can focus on your job as a coach whilst been supported by the information and summaries produced by Kinetic-Athlete. It doesn’t hinder the coaching and decision making in any way .. It supports it !

Before implementing GymAware, John's main challenge was looking at quantitative measures of improvement in power and also looking at measures of fatigue. He had been using vertical jump and broad jump to measure lower body power. John used a smith machine to measure upper body power on a bench throw. These tests only allowed a narrow scope for athlete assessment and monitoring. He had investigated some other solutions, but they did not offer the same user friendly (coach friendly) system.

GymAware's portability and reliability were initially what attracted John to using the system. When he first started using the system, it was quite overwhelming try to put numbers into an easy digestible format to feedback to coaches and athletes. However, the reporting formats provided on the website made this quite easy once he understood what he was looking at.

"GymAware has shown athletes and coaches that the changes we are trying to achieve in training to help improve performance can be measured and are real."

John uses GymAware with cycling, baseball, rowing, basketball, rugby, football, and athletics. He believes the continuing support provided by the Kinetic team has been of most value. They are only a phone call away and are always willing to assist and help out in anyway that they can.

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