How to “Forget” your PowerTool 

If you can’t connect via bluetooth then you may need to select “forget the device " to clear the bluetooth settings and start over.

Sometimes your iOS device will refuse to connect to your PowerTool. This seems to be a bug in the iOS system. To fix it, you need to remove the PowerTool from the bluetooth device list by selecting “forget this device ”

 Following the normal procedure for an manual connection you will see the below screen.

If you can see your GA PowerTool in the device list but it fails to connect when you select it, then the GA device ID needs to be cleared from the iOS device so that you can re-pair.

To do this you need to tap the blue arrow icon to the right of the PowerTool device ID (GA#---)

Be sure to tap the blue arrow within main button or it will try to connect. This will take you to screen when you can elect to forget the device, as shown below.

TIP: If you don’t hit the blue arrow exactly the device will attempt a connection. To avoid the delay in waiting for this to complete, turn Bluetooth off then on again, and retry. On some devices you need to be very precise to hit the blue arrow.

Tap on the “Forget this Device” button then confirm by tapping the big red “Forget Device” button.

Once you have done this you can now pair your device in the normal way.