Connecting to the PowerTool

These instructions assume that you have already paired with your iOS device.

The Simplest Way: Auto-Connect

We recommend that you use each PowerTool with its own dedicated iOS iPad. A dedicated device is the best because the PowerTool will attempt to auto connect to the last device that it was connected to. In this case all you need to do is pull the tether until the PowerTool wakes up and connects. When the connection is established the GymAware app will automatically start.

For this to work, you need to keep the tether moving until you hear the double beep and see the Bluetooth icon change to blue.


Manual Connection

If you want to use a different iOS Device with your PowerTool you will need to manually select it from Settings -> General-> Bluetooth


Before selecting the PowerTool from the list, you need to wake it up by pulling the tether until the LEDs turn on.

*NOTE: If this fails, your battery may be flat. Recharge the battery by plugging into the power supply.

IMPORTANT: After the LEDs turn on you need to quickly return the tether to a stationary position or it will attempt to auto-connect to its previous device.

If the PowerTool is ready to receive a connection the green LED will be flashing. In this case tap on the device you wish to connect to. If successful the PowerTool will beep twice, the yellow LED will stay on, and you will see this.

If this does not work then see connection troubleshooting.