Resetting Your PowerTool

Sometimes you will accidentally auto connect to the wrong iOS device. This happens when you wake up the PowerTool and keep moving the tether. It connects to the last connected iOS device (which in this case is not the one in your hand). This can be annoying if it's in someone’s pocket, and you are not sure whose. The simplest way to fix this is is to reset the PowerTool and start afresh.

Also, on rare occasions your PowerTool may lock up, some of the LEDs will be on but you can’t get it to respond. A reset should fix this too.

To Reset

Inside the silicone tube on the end of the tether there is a small cylindrical magnet. Press this on the PowerTool just below the “G” on the GymAware logo until you hear a beep.

After the reset all LEDs will turn off and you will be able to establish a new connection.