Pairing the GA PowerTool with your iOS device

  • Flight mode must be turned OFF​

Pairing is the Bluetooth authentication process that is required before any data can be transmitted between you iOS device and the PowerTool. When ever you wish to use PowerTool with your iOS device you need to make sure it is “paired”.

First, go to settings on your device.

iOS setting icon​

Then tap on General > Bluetooth

Make sure Bluetooth is on.

iOS Bluetooth settings, Bluetooth ON​

Then pull on the tether of your PowerTool until it beeps an the LEDs flash. As soon as the lights flash on, return the tether to a stationary position. If the tether keeps moving now it will attempt to connect to the last device it was used with. The green LED should now be flashing and your iOS device will detect the PowerTool. If the LED fails to come on, your battery may be flat. Recharge the battery by connecting the power supply.

In this case it has detected GA #33, your number will be different but will start with “GA”.

Tap on this without delay as it will switch off after a couple of minutes.

You will then see this screen.

Tap on the “Pair” button without delay. If you accidentally hit “Cancel” you will need to reboot your iOS device before you can repeat this procedure.

You will then hear a double beep and the device will confirm connection.

You can now leave settings and run your GymAware App.

If you see this message, you may have waited too long before completing the process. Try again, but if you have problems go to troubleshooting.

Paired, But Not Connected Devices

If you have successfully paired before, but are not connected you will see this. To connect follow these instructions.