To collect GymAware data you need to tell the app what exercise you are doing to ensure we acurately mark up your data and to allow you to compare exercises between sets.

Exercise Tests are a collection of exercises you are entending to do durring a gym session.

We have over 180 exercises and building an Exercise Test is a way to filter down to only the exercises you care about.

Aditionally you can customise several attributes about the exercise in the Test Protocol.

To configure your Exercise Tests go to Manager -> Exercise Tests and click on the Add button at the top of the screen or click on the name of the existing Exercise Test to edit it.

  1. Name your Exercise Test something meaningful (ie "Velocity Jumps")
  2. Start typing the name of your first exercise into the Exercise column. As you type a series of suggestions will pop up, just select the correct suggestion from the list.
  3. In Weight enter the starting bar weight.
  4. In Reps enter the number of reps per set you wish your athlete to enter.
  5. In Sets enter the number of sets you wish your athlete to perform.
  6. In Analysis enter the Analsyis type you would like the app to default to for this exercise, Jumps will usually be Velocity or Height, Bar Lifts you may perfer Power.
  7. Preset, PB, Last and Squad Percent match up to your lift targets in the app, this sets the mimimum threshold for the targets.
  8. Set the minimum movement threshold(cm). Reps will not be counted unless this distance is achieved.
  9. New rows will be added to the end of your Exercise Test as you need.

Note: Reps also need to cover a distance of at least 75% of the previous rep to be counted.