Using GA for Standing Broad Jumps

With horizontal type measures you can do as you describe and magnetically mount the PowerTool to a steel frame and then measure a horizontal distance. The angle of lift can be turned off.

In this position the distance will be accurate and correct as will the velocity - All other measures such as power and force will be invalid.

Also, its important to note that the maximum length of tether extension is 3 meters (9.8 feet). If you extend past this distance you risk breaking the tether or damaging the internal spring mechanism

The GymAware PowerTool is designed to calculate power from weight lifted in a vertical manner.

The kit does correct for smaller variation in horizontal displacements, but nothing like a 2.5 meter broad jump would present.

If GymAware is to be used in this fashion, then the only valid variables are "distance" and "velocity"

We also suggest turning "off" the angle measurement, because you may choose to mount the PowerTool sensor, vertically on a wall or post, just behind the athlete jumping.

This way you just aiming to measure the horizontal displacement and not correct for it.

You will need to allow for approx 0.5 meter just in attaching to the athlete - so the usable jumping distance would likely be around 2.5 meters ( 8 ft) max