Rep Detection

More than just peak to trough markup?

Power Clean Concentric Phase Rep Detection

Automatic, Accurate, Consistent Rep Mark Up

The use of power measurement in the gym to assess performance is now widely accepted. A lot of research has been done to validate the measurements and identify key performance traits. But one key area that is often overlooked is rep detection or mark up. This is the process of identifying the area of interest in the data recorded during the lift. In most cases practitioners will be interested in the concentric lift phase. If this is not marked up with absolute consistency then the measurements are almost worthless, you will still be able to detect peaks within the concentric phase but not mean power. And since we all now know mean power is a far better indicator of performance, you need automated consistent mark up of your data!

As we can see in the displacement/power trace for a power clean above, it's not just a matter looking for the high and low points on the trace, If we did that we would be including the low power of the catch in our mean power calculations which would invalidate the measurement.

Even the simple squat jump needs special attention to identify the main concentric lift phase- see below, the concentric lift phase starts not at the lowest point, but where the displacement rapidly changes.

Even the Squat Jump needs special care in detecting the concentric lift phase

What About Non-vertical Lifts?

I'm glad you asked! All of the popular lifts used in performance measurement have non-vertical (horizontal) components. Fortunately the GymAware PowerTool measures angle of lift to correct for these, in both the rep detection algorithm and in calculating final results - No other LPT system does this. The trace below shows typical, side on, lift profiles for power cleans. The blue traces show the detected concentric lift phase.

Power clean side-on lift profile measured by PowerTool with angle of lift measurement

The Most Accurate Most Valid Sports Power Measurement

The facts are that GymAware Online holds the largest, most consistent set of lift data in the world. It's all collected using comparable, validated devices with automated consistent mark up rules applied to each and every one of more than one million lifts recorded. And the lift data is corrected for angle!

The Easiest Sports Power Measurement

Not only is it the best, it's also the easiest to use, the very features that make it so accurate and automated also make it very simple to use. All you need to do as the practitioner is press the start button. All the athlete needs to do is lift!