GymAware Top 14 Exercises

These are the 14 most popular GymAware performance tests based on over half a million recorded sets including over 1 million individual lifts!

One of the big advantages of the GymAware’s GymAware Cloud services is that we can give practitioners stats like these.

Most of our users are using GymAware for regular performance monitoring of their athletes. They are most interested in:

  1. Monitoring for fatigue
  2. Assessing the effectiveness of training programs
  3. Training particular performance traits such as speed or strength

Our users like the counter movement squat jump because:

  1. its good measure of lower body explosive power
  2. the protocol is easily standardized
  3. can be done unweighted
  4. minimal skill is required
  5. and is quick to perform
And, jumping is a valuable athletic trait.