You’ve had a GymAware kit for a while, and the tether is starting to feel a little sticky; perhaps it doesn’t retract all the way into the spool?

This is an easy fix - the problem relates to dirt and grime buil dup so a quick clean should do the trick.

The tether runs through a small brass tube, just before it leaves the housing of the PowerTool. This brass tub can become clogged and prevent the tether from moving freely.


• A standard paper clip - or the angle sensor cleaning tool

• Small pliers

• 2.5mm Allan key (to remove cover)


Take a standard sized paper clip (the smaller ones) and straighten out one end.

On the GymAware PowerTool;

1) Remove the 4 screws of the end cover closest to the tether end of the PowerTool. You will need to use a 2.5mm Allan key.

2) Take the paper clip and push the end of it down and through the angle sensor.

* You may need to use a small pair of pliers to enable you to appl yenough force to push the paper clip through the tube.

3) As you slowly push the paperclip through the brass angle tube you will see a build up of grime and dirt being pushed down and out through the bottom of the tube.

4) Remove this grime, and this should solve the problem.

5) Replace the end cover using the original 4 screws and you are ready to go!