Your PowerTool Battery

The GymAware PowerTool is equipped with a 3.7 volt 2600 mAh lithium polymer battery. This battery is user replaceable should the need arise.

The battery should provide many years of service.

In a typical use scenario where the PowerTool is placed on charge once per week, users should expect 3-4 years of service.

If the unit is placed on the shelf in a discharged state and left for extended periods of time then this will effect the longevity of the battery

When you Bluetooth connect to your GymAware PowerTool the battery charge state information is sent to the iOS device software.

The PowerTool battery level indicator will display in the main menu screen

GymAware battery level indicator

Note that the battery level only displays after entering data collection mode or admin mode first, and then returning to the main page.

If the level is low, make sure you charge the PowerTool as soon as possible.

If you find that the GymAware PowerTool is not holding charge for significantly long periods of time (> 1 week), then you may choose to replace it.

Replacement batteries can be purchased direct from out online store

Changing the battery in your Gymaware Power Tool

How to replace the rechargeable battery in your Power Tool.
Note. Use only PCM protected LiPo batteries suppled by Kinetic or your Kinetic distributor. Incorrect batteries may explode.

Watch the video here