PowerTool Firmware Update Guide

Occasionally we will release updates to the PowerTool firmware. These releases either fix bugs, improve accuracy, or support new features. To download the update you must have an internet connection to your iOS device.

This video shows you how to perform this simple operation.

WARNING Interruption of the programming process can cause the PowerTool to enter an unusable state that requires return to your dealer to fix. Please take these simple precautions to prevent this from happening.

  • Make sure both the PowerTool battery and the iOS device battery have at least 20% charge.
  • Preferably use an iPad or iPod Touch instead of your iPhone to run the update as a phone call may interrupt the process.
  • If you only have an iPhone follow these steps to prevent incoming calls:
    1. Download the update first (see below)
    2. Go to settings and turn on flight mode - this will turn off phone, Bluetooth, WiFi etc.
    3. Re-enable just the Bluetooth and reconnect to the Power Tool
    4. Continue as for non iPhone devices
  • Do not move out of range while programming


With the PowerTool connected, from the Main menu, tap on the PowerTool Admin button.

Then select Update PowerTool Firmware.

Tap on the Download file button and wait till you get the download confirmation message.

The current installed version and the version of the downloaded file are then displayed (shown below). The firmware is now up to date and does not require programming.

If the firmware is not up to date then press the Program PowerTool button to update the device.

The device will then go into update mode and a progress bar will move across the screen.

When done you will see a confirmation message

If you don't get this message, or if there is any problem, do not disconnect the device. Restart the App and try again.