Resetting the PowerTool

There are two types of Reset/Disconnect that you can perform. If you want to disconnect the PowerTool or dont know which device it is paired to then use the "Hard Reset" - watch the video below. If the sensor is not working as it should then a "Full Reset" needs to be done. This will disconnect the power tool as well as rebooting the sensor.

Hard Reset

Sometimes you may need or want to reset your PowerTool. For example, the device becomes unresponsive with the LEDs on, OR
you have accidently auto-connected to the wrong iOS device and want a quick disconnect.

Full Reset

There may be an occasion when the PowerTool isnt working correctly. You will need to do a Full Reset - this requires a paperclip and is only available on PowerTools with the mini-USB port. 

• Unfurl the paperclip and insert it into the hole next to the mini-USB port.

You don’t need to push it in very far and should feel a little switch accompanied with a beep from the power tool.

This will have disconnected the power tool and you will need to reconnect it before collecting data.