Mirror GymAware on the Big Screen

GymAware Results on the Big Screen

It's easy to display your GymAware results on your big screen TV! Used in combination with the in-built video recording functions, it's great for giving athletes feedback and instruction on lift technique.

You can do this for any screen within the GymAware App - Not just the function of recording video whilst measuring GymAware data

In the photo (right) we are capturing video via the iPad while mirroring the

output to a big screen TV as a means to provide enhanced feedback.

You can set up stations to mirror the GymAware screens to your big screen over WIFI

The example (below, right) demonstrates the display of the iPad screen, being wirelessly mirrored onto a wall mounted TV.

In this case the integrated video feedback feature of GymAware is being wirelessly transmitted to the Apple TV unit attached to big screen.


To mirror the output of the iPad screen you need to connect an Apple TV unit to the DEMI port of the TV in the gym. ​The Apple TV needs to connect to an active WiFi network

Next you need to mirror the output form the iPad screen, and connect to the Apple TV unit.

The set up should take about took 5 minutes to get going for the first time.

There is an Apple tutorial here.

Contact us if you need any help in setting this up in your own gym.