Data Collection

GymAware Pro (iPhone/iTouch)

On tapping the Start button, you are recording data. Make sure the athlete is completely ready before tapping the button!


This screen has 4 modes.

  1. Normal
  2. Target
  3. Graph
  4. Demo

The first three are selecting within this view but the fourth, Demo mode, is enabled in settings .


Normal View, Target View, and Graph View


These views can be changed during testing using the controls on the top navigation bar.

All settings and weights are entered in the previous view.

Tapping the Finish button exits and saves the data. Cancel quits without saving

Normal view can be customised to show any two variables in the two columns simply by tapping the column heading, selecting the variable then tapping the heading again to save the setting.

Target view will show the selected variable in red and optionally play a sound when the target is reached. See detailed instructions here.

Graph view displays a real-time graph of the data selected by tapping the Type button. Pretty cool...



 Demo Mode


Demo mode offers continuous measurement with no option to save data. You can still set targets, change bar weight and select the display variable(by tapping on the column heading).

This mode is great for giving athletes feedback while they train. You can just set it up on a piece of equipment and let the athletes see how they are performing each rep.