How To Change Time Out for Bluetooth Connection

GymAware Pro (iPhone/iTouch)

Your Power Tool will shut down after a period of inactivity to save power.

By inactivity we mean the tether is completely stationary for a period of time. The default time for this is 3 minutes. As of version 2.3 you can set this value to a higher value.

Why Change This?

If you are testing an number of athletes over a period of time you may find that 3 minutes between each test is too short and that you are needing to reconnect between tests. If you are measuring angle of lift you will need to re-zero the Power Tool every time you reconnect. To avoid this you can increase the Bluetooth connection time out. The only disadvantage is you will increase the load on the battery and will need to recharge more often.

How To Do It

Establish a connection to the Power Tool as the change is to be made on the Power Tool itself. Go to Power Tool Admin and tap on Bluetooth Timeout

Enter the new value from the pull down list