How to Measure Angle of Lift

GymAware Pro (iPhone/iTouch)

>The GymAware PowerTool is the only LPT that uses angle measurement to correct non vertical lifts. For details on on this feature, check out the angle fact sheet and this explanation on angle.

There are two simple steps required to set up for angle.

1. Ensure that Angle measurement is turned on in settings.

2. Zero angle when prompted.

Returning the tether to the PowerTool gives the sensor the required home position for angle calculations. This needs to be done every time you connect the PowerTool to your iOS device. You will see the message above when this is required.

Turning Off Angle

If you are using a smith machine, a pin loaded weight stack or doing other exercise where you don't require angle, you can can eliminate the need to zero the angle sensor by turning off angle measurement in settings.