How to set up audio feedback.

GymAware Pro (iPhone/iTouch)

You can easily set up your iOS app and PowerTool to give feedback to athletes while they train.

Performance feedback during weights training is a great tool for:

  • Motivating athletes
  • Training specific performance traits
  • Improving lift technique
  • Educating athletes about the need for quality in their weights training

Step 1

If you want both visual and audio feedback, go to the settings page in the main menu where you will see the heading “Sound”

Select a sound to play for when the athlete reaches (target above) or fails to reach (target below) the performance target . When you select these the sound you will hear a sound preview.

If you don’t want a sound, select “None”

Step 2

Then get ready for the lift in the normal way by selecting your masses and the exercise. Below the start button will see the Target Value and Target Variable buttons. Use these to select the variable you wish to monitor and the target value to trigger the feedback. Note you can select form any of these target variables.

 Step 3

When You have set up your targets, tap the Start button to begin

Once this value is entered you are ready to train with audio-visual feedback. If the athlete fails to hit the target the display will be red and the selected failure sound will play.

You can always swap back to normal view by tapping the button in the top right corner.

These target settings will stay until changed so you can do the basic set up just once then run you entire squad through with just fine tuning if needed to suit each athlete.

In Summary

This is a great way to motivate athletes to improve the quality of each lift. Its easy to set up and use so why not give it a try, your athletes will love it!