Different access for different coaches 

For GymAware Online and Pro users


First login to your GymAware online account.

  1. register the coaches under the manager>staff tab

  2. go Manager squads--> mouse over the squad name 
  3. from the pop-up menu choose Share

  4.  next select from the staff list the coaches that should have access to that squad 
  5. now select Share squad

    the staff (coaches) that you selected now have access to view results from athletes within this squad.

    Work though each squad in this fashion and share their access with the correct coach from the staff list
  6. goto manager> staff

  7. select reset password - then choose the staff from the list

  8. press send
  9. An email will be sent to each of the staff. They can click on the link and set a password for their account. 
    next they can use their email address and password to login to GymAware online or iPad
    they should only have access to the applicable squads